Our services

Cargo delivery

Cargo delivery

We execute transportation of cargoes up to 6 mt by our vehicles and propose services of our partners for delivery of high-load shipments or by specialized autos.


Relocation of offices, stocks, or appartments

Our company provides complex services for relocation organisation of offices, appratments, stocks, etc. We offer appropriate transport, packaging, assistance staff, and organise logistics.

Trasportation of exhibitions

Trasportation of exhibition equipment and samples

We provide delivery of exibition stands and materials to every exibition hall in Kyiv. Our rich expirience helps us to organise this process as competently and effective as possible.

Loading services

Loading services

In case of necessety, we offer services of professional loaders with appropriate equipment.

Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding

Highly quavalified specialists of our company execute a search of an appropriate transport for passing or backward conveyance by the territory of Ukraine; backstop and consult in questions of trasporting documentation execution; trace your delivery, and controll the third-party carrier.

О компании

Froup of Companies DNIPRO

PE "VKP DNIPROTRADE" belongs to the Group of Companies DNIPRO and specialises in automobile trasportation services.

17 years at the market

The first company of the group was founded 15 years ago, and in 3 years entered the market of professional transportation services.

If our vehicles rided the Equator,

100 times around the Earth

- for the time our company operates, they would be able to go around the Earth at least 100 times;

>2500 clients

- professionaly served to minimum 100 unique clients at every country of the world;

- out of whom at least each tenth became a regular customer of the company.

Working with our company you obtain:

Professional services

- high-quality professional services starting with the first call (>>>) and finishing by perception of full package of documents related to delivery;

Bank Trasfer and VAT

- we accept payments via bank transfer (with VAT and costs chargeability);

Trasportation documentation

- full package of trasnportation documentation (>>>) from our side and assistance in execution of your part of documentation;

Low prices

- adequate prices (>>>) and personal approach to every client, discounts and bonuses for regular customers;


- safety of cargos accepted for transportation;

Minimal time

- cargo delivery within the lowest possible time, reliability and punctuality.

Our car park

At our company you can order any type of cargo transport with almost any bearing capacity. But the core of our car park is constituted by the following truck types:

Wagon 0,8т

All-metal van with bearing capacity of 0,8 mt. (trunk size: 1,8х1,2х1,2 m; volume 2,6 m3; number of passengers: up to 4 persons).

Wagon 1,5mt

Tilt van with bearing capacity 1,5 mt (trunk size: 3,2х1,9х1,5 m; volume 9,0 m3; number of passengers up to 5 persons).

Бортовой автомобиль 5т

Open lorry with bearing capacity 5,0 mt (body size: 5,0х2,2х0,5 m; volume 12,0 m3; number of passengers: up to 2 persons).

Tilt lorry 6mt

Tilt lorry with bearing capacity 6,0 mt (body size: 6,0х2,2х2,1 m; volume 27,0 m3; number of passengers: up to 2 persons).

Our prices

Vehicle typeDelivery within Kyiv (car supply/1 working hour)Value of minimal order, UAHTransportation by Ukraine, UAH./km
up to 0,7 mt, up to 3 m320000 UAH.60000 UAH850
до 1,5 т, до 9 м321000 UAH63000 UAH900
up to 5 mt, board29000 UAH116000 UAH1380
up to 5 mt, up to 27 m329000 UAH116000 UAH1380
up to 5 mt, up to 27 m3, with hydraulic lift34000 UAH136000 UAH1380
up to 6 mt, up to 27 m329000 UAH145000 UAH1400
up to 10 mt, tilt/board*38000 UAH190000 UAH1800
up to 20 mt, tilt/board*47000 UAH235000 UAH2400
loaders*12000 UAH24000 UAH

All prices include VAT.

* Indicative prices. The final values are stipulated for every delivery specifically.

There is plenty of differnet discounts. Contact our managers for final calculation of transportation costs.

!!! Call us now: (+38 0 67) 231-68-39 !!!

Our contacts

Facebook Page:https://facebook.com/dniprotrade .
Postal address:
Kyrylivska str. 152, app. 134, Kyiv 04073, Ukraine.

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S. Sklyarenka str. 9
Kyiv 04074, Ukraine
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